Immigration is one of the most controversial and divisive topics in politics today and has been for decades. An abundance of discourse on the subject involves disparaging any claims but your own—and this extends way beyond the left and right because there are many complexities, stakeholders, driving forces, and individual proposals.

Border security, jobs, the economy, fairness and the rule of law. The Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group has developed an immigration plan of action. We can detoxify the issue. Our experts have learned over the years that even a diverse group with different opinions like ours needs to broaden the discussion. It is possible to bring various stakeholders together and find a path forward for all of us.

Without our undocumented immigrants, studies show that our workforce would decrease significantly. According to Pew Research (2015), 5.1 percent of employment would drop. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), America would lose between 50 and 70 percent of our workers hired for crop agriculture since they are undocumented. Consequently, produce prices would increase. Case in point, the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) stated in 2009 that consumer dairy prices would increase by 61 percent due to the elimination of the immigrant labor force.

Not only would there be a loss of labor but also a loss of consumers, as the undocumented have demands for services and products in their communities.

According to a Huffington Post article (Nataly Kelly 2013), there are at least seven ways immigration helps build a stronger America:

  1. Immigration fuels our economy . . . And, contrary to popular belief, immigrants do not reduce native employment rates overall.
  2. Immigration creates jobs . . . immigrants create new populations of people who buy things.
  3. Immigration helps us retain the best global talent . . . Either American companies must recruit the best talent now, or their competitors in other countries will have a clear and timely advantage.
  4. Immigration makes us less globally isolated . . . Giving Americans more opportunities to meet people from other countries right here at home helps connect our citizenry to the broader world.
  5. Immigration enhances our multilingualism . . . The bulk of our nation’s language capacity is thanks to its immigrants.
  6.  Immigration opens us up to ideas from elsewhere . . . Diversity can strengthen a population, not just in terms of demographics, but in terms of ideas that can help the American Dream to continue evolving with the times.
  7. Immigration shapes how the world views America . . . [each tourist] takes back with them not only souvenirs and photos but individual experiences that help form collective opinions overseas of what America is like and why it matters in the world.

A final word . . .

“Claims intending to prey upon (ed. Note) public fears of lost jobs are unfounded, and most workers will not experience any negative impact on their wages. Congress would do well to recognize the benefits of immigration and pass a reform that allows greater numbers of legal workers into America,” said Signer [of the Independent Institute’s Open Letter on Immigration] and Independent Institute Research Fellow Benjamin Powell, Director of the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation.

Let us know how you interpret the ideas and thoughts of the Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group and how the ideas presented influence your thoughts on Immigration Reform. Comment below and inform us how we can improve these ideas.