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We formed the Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) — a not-for-profit, non-partisan, privately-funded organization — to help break the persistent gridlock that has left America’s immigration policy in a state of philosophical and political paralysis. Our name is based on our bedrock belief that immigrants themselves are part of the solution.

We hope to transform the lives of unauthorized immigrants and Americans alike through a compassionate process that boosts the U.S. economy while ensuring that unauthorized immigrants feel safe to come “out of the shadows” and productively assimilate into American society with dignity, respect, and ease.

  • We believe immigrants can and will help pay their way forward.

  • We want America to be a better place, a bigger-hearted place — a place that recognizes it is stronger thanks to the contributions we all make through our labor and our lives.

  • We believe wise, carefully crafted immigration policy leads us toward seeing one another as gifts to be prized and nurtured for the good of all.


Immigration is not only about how we define ourselves — our values, beliefs and heritage — but about how we, together, go about building a vibrant future of promise and freedom. ITIG believes immigrants themselves will play a central role in that building process.

How will this work? By paying — along with their employers — a very small tax of 5 percent — we call this the Five + Five solution — in return for receiving a 10-year renewable special permit we call a REALcard. You’ll see more details about this concept on our Solution page.

Immigration isn’t about “others,” or “foreigners,” or “aliens.” Immigration is really about you, about me, about us. It’s about enriching our society and our nation — in more ways than one.

Your voice is crucial in moving America toward new, innovative thinking on immigration. You can join in this opportunity to shift our national thinking to a win-win approach by letting us know of your interest. It’s easy. Just sign up for free email updates via the box below.


Mark Jason
Mark JasonFounder & CEO
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ITIG Executive Director, Mark Jason, is a California resident and retired Special Agent for the Internal Revenue Service. During his IRS career, Mark developed tax-evasion cases. He also served as a budget analyst for the Chancellor of the California State University System and prepared dozens of multi-million dollar budgets.

Over the past several years, Mark developed a 100-acre farm near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which produces more than 350 tons of honeydew melons annually for the United States. He did this to create local jobs and teach modern farming techniques to this area of need. His education, his diverse experience in accounting, economics and farm management, and his years of cross-border work have led him to focus on immigration reform in America.


  • Caesar Cantu
    Former Special Agent, Internal Revenue Service

  • Ted Gordon
    Co-founder of the Millennium Group

  • David Lazarus

  • Bob Levine
    Senior Fellow, Rand Corporation

  • Dan Mellon
    California State Budget Analyst

  • Manuel Montiel
    Secretary of Citizens Protection, Guadalajara, Mexico

  • Bruce Morehouse
    Ph.D., Behavioral Expert

  • Sean O’Neill
    Public Affairs

  • Caprice Roche

  • Maria Saldivar
    Salvadoran Immigrant

  • Rick Yellen
    Ph.D., Professor and Former Budget Analyst


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