Working Together Toward a New Vision for Immigration Reform

America needs a simple solution to immigration reform, a better way between the two extremes of mass citizenship and mass deportation. The solution starts with a small payment from employers who hire unauthorized immigrants and from those immigrants themselves.

We call this simple approach the Five + Five solution. It’s a way for U.S. taxpayers to get billions in new revenue, without adding to their own tax burden.

The Five + Five solution is a recurring payment from unauthorized immigrants and their employers, respectively. This simple solution will generate $210 billion over 10 years and create 1.7 million new American jobs. It will help fund education, health care, infrastructure, border security and other essential services.

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Five + Five is the Solution

By paying their five percent tax, unauthorized immigrants will receive a 10-year renewable special permit called the REALcard. REAL means Respect, Equality, Accountability, Legality.

The Vision

“We have designed a balanced vision that helps mitigate many of the concerns Americans have with our nation’s broken immigration system, while generating billions of dollars for health care, education, border security, infrastructure and more.”

Mark Jason, ITIG Executive Director

Mark Jason on ITIG’s Solution to Immigration Reform

Perspectives on Immigration Reform Podcast

“Perspectives on Immigration Reform” hosted by the Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group, is a new podcast offering fresh insights, ideas and information that will help you break free of the polarization that has defined—and distorted—our nation’s thinking about immigration reform. You’ll hear from a variety of guests on our podcast, including political figures, nonprofits and advocacy groups, as well as engaging authors and thought leaders.

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Perspectives on the Future of Immigration Forum

White House Chronicle’s Llewellyn King covers the ‘Perspectives on the Future of Immigration’ forum, hosted by ITIG on Capitol Hill. 

Using Taxes to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem

A “Third Way” for Immigration Reform

Video credit: White House Chronicle. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the White House Chronicle Series at

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