Hispanic landscape worker use of air blowerThe Immigrant Tax Inquiry Groups’ (ITIGs) model provides an opportunity for undocumented immigrants to receive essential health care, better education, and other necessities.  Our model supports border security and provides funding for vital benefits helping American veterans, gang interventions, penal retention, and more. We can do this only if we set mass citizenship aside for now and revise immigration taxes by focusing on an effective tax structure to accompany the new Special Work Permit.

The Facts

Roughly 30 million Americans enjoy the skills of the 11 million undocumented immigrants who process chickens, clean our homes and harvest fruit. Pew Research tells us that they work for 25% less than legal employees. Employers hire 8.5 million illegal migrants for their factories, farms, and homes and receive a bargain of cheap, hardworking manual labor while American taxpayers pay for the immigrants’ public services.

The Challenge

U.S. undocumented immigrant workers provide valuable resources as an exceptionally productive workforce in many high demand areas.  They deserve proper respect, compensation and appropriate benefits.  Read more about the challenge here. 

The Solution

The ITIG model solution relies on access to the 10-year, renewable Special Work Permit that provides extraordinary benefits for undocumented immigrant workers.  Employees gain the means to the Special Work Permit by employers who pay a 5% – 10% employer Public Service Tax based on employee’s income.  Read more about the solution here.

The Mechanics

The ITIG model has laid-out the mechanics and distribution of the funds gained by the employer Public Service Tax.  The $100 billion distribution would be determined by an analysis of state and community revenue based on the number of Special Work Permits issued and work performed.    Read more about the mechanics here. 

State Distribution

ITIG discovered astonishing numbers from company employees and cash economy workers using false documentation paying taxes.  Read more to learn about state distribution of the funds gained here. 

The Vision

ITIG has a vision that the funds generated by our plan will support various community and federal programs.  Read more about the vision here.

Employers  Support Us

The Special Work Permit recommended in the Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) model is designed to relieve the American taxpayers of unwelcome tax burdens and, at the same time, allow our undocumented immigrants to assimilate more easily into our society. Read more about why employers and undocumented immigrant workers will value and follow the ITIG model here.


ITIG is asked many inquisitive questions about our immigration reform model.  We have summarized the answers to essential frequently asked questions.  Answers address why employers will comply with the ITIG model, how the model works for cash economy workers in various fields including farm personnel.  Further investigation has detailed how the ITIG model will affect U.S. socioeconomic conditions and why we need immigrant tax reform now.  Read the answers here.