A Creative Solution for Immigration Reform

The REALcard   (special work permit)

Respect. Equality. Accountability. Legality.

Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group - Special Work Permit

Because so many unauthorized immigrants avoid paying taxes by working in the underground/cash economy, a system is needed to give them, and others, an incentive to pay the small third way 5 percent tax. The 10-year renewable special work permit—REALcard—offers that incentive. Once our unauthorized immigrants earn it by not breaking any further laws and paying the small 5 percent tax which their employers will match, immigrants will enjoy the following benefits:


  • The right to work and live in the U.S. legally
  • The right to receive access to healthcare, continuing education, training, and other benefits
  • The right to apply for a visa and travel freely to and from their country of origin
  • The right to apply for a driver’s license and auto insurance, contingent on individual state laws
  • The right for their children and spouses to receive the same benefits as the REALcard holder

By effectively sponsoring employees and taking responsibility, employers have benefits:

  • Will be in compliance with the law and no longer be subject to fines or penalties
  • Will be rewarded with healthy and dedicated employees
  • Will benefit by helping to secure support services and allowing their workers to live and work here legally and earn self-respect, with acceptance and accountability, saving money for American taxpayers

This proposal excludes addressing the status of immigrants working under the provisions of other federal government programs such as existing Green Card holders.

REALcard Revenues Over Ten Years

The effects of the REALcard, (renewable 10-year special work permit) represents a societal change where 5 percent contributions from unauthorized immigrants and 5 percent from their employers will fund many of the areas affected by illegal immigration.  By using a flat rate we minimize the need for greater bureaucracy and create an efficient, accountable process for capturing much needed revenues to support healthcare, education and other essential services; thus, we will alleviate the tremendous pressure on our immigration courts, as unauthorized migrants contribute to our economy and it will give time for orderly application to those who wish to become citizens.

Assuming 40% of the Estimated Tax Revenue released into the economy with an average salary of $50,000 for each job, many jobs will be created.

$210,000,000,000 x 40% = $84,000,000,000 ÷ $50,000 = 1,680,000                       1.7 million New American Jobs Assuming 40% of the Estimated Tax Revenue released into the economy with an average salary of $50,000 for each job, many jobs will be created.