Work Permits – The Wave of the Immigration Future

Leaders from each party have taken their stance on immigration reform—the Democrats are focused on mass-citizenship, while those Republicans not supporting mass-deportation, suggest “work permits.” There are three necessary ingredients for the perfect “work permit” recipe: Accountability; A motivating factor to entice immigrants; A viable tax base. Accountability invites revisiting security issue solutions like fingerprinting

Candidates Asked to Support Immigration Reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE An Open Letter to Candidates for President of the United States: Presidents Reagan, G.H.W. Bush and Obama all tried to fix our broken immigration system and failed. Many of our lawmakers have described the current debate as toxic with some advocating to enforce existing laws and deport undocumented immigrants and others supporting

ITIG Press

Immigration Reform Press Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) offers our readers articles written by professionals and upcoming writers that speak to the vision we would like to see in immigration reform.  It is also a place that showcases press about the ITIG model. New Study Shows Support for Immigrant Tax Reform Waltham, Massachusetts—A recent survey conducted

Is An Orderly Process Possible for U.S. Citizenship?

Immediate mass citizenship is fiscally irresponsible; however, The Third Way provides an orderly process for those who want to become citizens, as well as those who just want access to a greater income and then return home. Mass deportation is also fiscally irresponsible. The Third Way would allow anyone who wants to work in the

Mental Health Cuts is a National Crisis

WHO (World Health Organization), explains that mental health is "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can make a contribution to his or her community." WHO emphasizes that mental health "is not just the absence

Former Mexican President Says Most Undocumented Immigrants Don’t Want To Become U.S. Citizens

DAVOS, Switzerland -- The crackdown on illegal immigration combined with intensified border security has prompted large numbers of undocumented Mexican laborers to remain in the U.S. permanently -- even as many prefer to go home -- out of fear they will never be able to return, former Mexican President Felipe Calderon told International Business Times.

How Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group Proposes A Solution for U.S. Immigration Issues

Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) identified six problems with our current immigration system.  We explain present immigration issues and then offer solutions for each existing challenge. The ITIG goal is to create a viable immigration reform entity that benefits American citizens and undocumented immigrants alike. The Problems  Eleven million undocumented workers living in poverty, fear violent acts, arrest,