Makeup Artist Theresa Nakhoul Creates Sculptures Out of MAC Lipsticks

Authentic MAC Makeup Wholesale Makeup Artist Theresa Nakhoul Creates Sculptures Out of MAC Lipsticks.Any lipstick lover can appreciate that the product itself is a work of art, whether it's on your face or placed elegantly on your dresser. Makeup artist Theresa Nakhoul has taken advantage of this fact by creating beautiful sculptures from MAC lipsticks, along with other cool makeup-based artwork.

Cheap Mac Makeup Used to push my shopping cart down the makeup aisle, watching the pinks and plums and reds flash by, wishing I could stop and drink them in but terrified to be seen doing it. Id never bought lipstick before. Id never bought any makeup before. To me, theyd always been forbidden, something I could barely look at, let alone touch.

As noted by PopSugar, her Instagram shows MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks that she's intricately carved into various objects, including a flower, a stiletto, a torso, and even a Ferrari. She even created a pumpkin for Halloween. And in case you're wondering how she pulls all of that off, she's made videos showing how her creations came to be.

But that's not all she does. Theresa also creates gorgeous drawings out of eyeshadow and other makeup, and she's even recreated famous works of art. Her Instagram bio reads "Allegedly wasting makeup," but this is honestly the coolest use of makeup we've ever seen. Who else is ready for her to release her own line of artfully crafted lipsticks? My hand is raised high.

I knew I was a woman for a long time before I decided to Cheap MAC Makeup Free Shipping transition. Those years were torture, every day playing the part of a man, knowing it was a lie, paralyzed by the thought of anyone finding out, and of ever doing anything about it.

When I finally decided I had to come out as trans, one of my very first thoughts was makeup. This is the kind of thing that bigots scoff at as the trappings of femininity, but those people dont understand how important makeup can be. I didnt understand it entirely myself, even as I entered the MAC store for the first time, with my friend Karina at my side. I was presenting entirely male at the time; there was nothing about my appearance that implied my womanhood. I was very good at hiding.

The remainder of the video takes us through Teddy's blush and contour steps, which consist of backstage favorites from MAC Cosmetics. For the eyes, Teddy uses the same shade she used to contour a taupe pressed powder C on her lids, and curls her lashes with a Surratt Beauty eyelash curler. Lastly, she adds a generous dose of Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick Illuminator to strobe. "I love this one because it's creamy, and you just apply this to the top of the cheekbones for a natural highlight," Teddy says. An extra helping of a powder highlighter on her cupid's bow, brow bone, and inner corners completes her "snatched" look.