About The Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group


The Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, privately-funded corporation created to increase access to justice for unauthorized immigrants and strengthen programs that not only serve immigrants, but also American taxpayers.

Mission and Goals

The ITIG mission and hope is to transform the lives of unauthorized immigrants and Americans alike through a compassionate process, and at the same time boost the U.S. economy. The ITIG policy provides an effective pathway to ensure that unauthorized immigrants feel safe to come “out of the shadows” and assimilate into American society with dignity, respect, and ease.

Mark Jason, a California resident, was formerly a Special Agent for the Internal Revenue Service assigned to develop tax-evasion cases. He has also served as a budget analyst for the Chancellor of the California State University System and prepared dozens of multi-million dollar budgets.


His education and diverse experience in accounting, economics, farm management and years living in Mexico have led him, most recently, to focus on immigration reform in America, while also working with Mexican locals near Puerto Vallarta to develop a 100 acre farm. This farm produces more than 350 tons of honeydew melons annually that are shipped to the United States.











“I prefer a debate about the ITIG Model to revolve around the question, how we shall spend the revenue from this new plan? and not, should we change our immigrant tax policies? The personal enjoyment from this process has been to design a balanced Vision that helps mitigate many of the concerns Americans have with illegal immigration.

The third way establishes the means of financing some of the public needs for our undocumented immigrants while they are in this country, whether or not their intent is to apply for citizenship. It would be a missed opportunity if we did not take advantage of computer and mobile payment technologies that make this plan possible now, where it was not feasible decades ago during the 1986 amnesty.”

~Mark Jason, ITIG Executive Director

Ted Gordon, futurist, and Senior Fellow and Co-founder of the Millennium Group, was asked an important question, What does this plan mean to the future of our country, its citizens, and its immigrant population? The quote below details his response:

“Not only in the United States, but also around the world, immigration is now and will remain a major issue, and a rapidly growing problem. Currently there are hundreds of millions of people living in countries other than their nation of origin, fleeing intolerant governments, escaping wars and environmental pressures, seeking water or food or employment—but always in search of a better quality of life. Any solution we pursue must be flexible enough to accommodate varied future pressures, or we will constantly be reinventing the system, and not always to our benefit. The imaginative tax policy outlined here creates a system that is fair and humane, and can serve as a model for other nations to follow and thrive, well into the 21st century.”

~Ted Gordon, Co-founder of the Millennium Group

Staff and Supporters

Committed professionals, dedicated staff and visionary supporters make the Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) possible.

Mark Jason, ITIG Executive Director
Caesar Cantu, former Special Agent, Internal Revenue Service
Ted Gordon, Co-founder of the Millennium Group
David Lazarus, CPA
Bob Levine, Senior Fellow, Rand Corporation
Dan Mellon, CA State Budget Analyst
Manuel Montiel, Secretary of Citizens Protection, Guadalajara, Mexico
Bruce Morehouse, Ph.D. Behavioral Expert
Sean O’Neill, Public Affairs
Caprice Roche, Senior Editor
Maria Saldivar, Salvadoran Immigrant
Rick Yellen, Ph.D. Professor, former Budget Analyst