This historical series of three blog articles is intended to contextualize the issue of illegal immigration. The articles will address two comprehensive solutions.

One is to become a citizen. Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) explores some of what it means to be a citizen – the commitment and cost. From the desire to leave a previous life, family and the Patriotism felt for the country of birth to accept –

No -embrace fiercely, the vision of the United States and become a Patriot of their new country.

The other is to create a Guest Worker program. ITIG addresses the idea of a Special Work Permit, which answers the need of the immigrant for work and the need of the country for particular kinds of labor.

It introduces a plan to solve the costs to the society while giving those who need jobs a chance to become legitimate and have the comfort and safety which that would provide. It’s a little surprising how simple, practical and feasible it is.

The final article discusses an alternative to leaving the issue of illegal immigration in limbo and the effects it has on the people of the United States and the illegal immigrant.

The unsustainable murkiness with the immigrant in the shadows and Americans confronted by unfair job completion, unsustainable costs and the gradual erosion of a fundamental principle of a free society; the confident, open and trusting good will of the citizenry.