Leaders from each party have taken their stance on immigration reform—the Democrats are focused on mass-citizenship, while those

Republicans not supporting mass-deportation, suggest “work permits.”

There are three necessary ingredients for the perfect “work permit” recipe:

  • Accountability;
  • A motivating factor to entice immigrants;
  • A viable tax base.

Accountability invites revisiting security issue solutions like fingerprinting and retinal scanning, which have consistently been part of the discussion and are straightforward fixes.

Motivation entails building a trust that will draw immigrants “out of the shadows” by offering benefits they can’t refuse:

  • Removing the fear of deportation;
  • Safe travel to and from their country of origin;
  • Health care benefits for the whole family;
  • Educational opportunities they so covet for their children;
  • . . . and more.

A tax base that will be drawn from those most invested in the process—employers and the immigrant workers. Each would pay a small levy of five percent, based on the salary for their labor. Employers already benefit from the lower-cost labor, so shouldn’t complain.

The Third Way generates $176 billion over a 10-year period and can be the financial lubricant that supports immigration reform and allows those who now feel like outsiders an opportunity to assimilate and thrive here with benefits. This money would also cover securing our borders.

Let’s get The Third Way up and running ASAP and immediately mitigate longstanding immigration issues—Write your congressional representatives!!!