The Third Way

The Third Way helps resolve issues inherent in illegal immigration; increases funds for U.S. infrastructure; and creates opportunities to lower unemployment — all capital concerns embrangled in our current contentious political arena.

The Third Way is a turnkey model for immigration reform based on restructuring our immigrant taxes. It’s possible to improve our existing dysfunctional and costly prevailing tax policies, eliminate billions in tax fraud annually, and generate over $176 billion in new revenue over a ten- year period.

One hundred billion dollars are allocated to fund social and cultural issues affected by illegal immigration. The balance of seventy-six billion dollars is also allocated to states toward fixing our infrastructure. Forty percent of the total new revenue would generate 1.41 million new American jobs.


Effective tax planners revere easily understood elegant taxes. Good examples abound: a gasoline tax to repair our roads and bridges; a tax or bond issuance for island homeowners to build a bridge across the water to reach schools and the mainland. We have a opportunity to create an elegant immigrant tax where both homeowner/employer and worker share a modest 10 percent (5 percent each) public service tax.

Rather than going to the ‘general fund’ or ’employee retirement’ accounts, the resulting billions would be allocated to states through the IRS, based on immigrant population, to help solve three major concerns: immigration, infrastructure, and job needs.

Former IRS Special Agents, Budget Analysts and a Rand economist designed much of the ITIG Model, with enforcement in mind, and the intent of mitigating many issues surrounding illegal immigration.