Immigrant Families on the MarchImmigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) developed a simple solution to immigration reform which would do the following:

  • Provide a transitional model that implements methods that can create 100,000 jobs and generate $103.125 billion over a 10-year period from American employers who will willingly contribute the money to help fund meaningful immigration reform.
  • Allow us to more closely observe and get to know the individual who may want to apply for citizenshipImmigration Reform Model.

The Immigration Reform Model is a 10-year renewable plan that addresses and resolves the dilemma posed by the desire to preserve the value of our undocumented workers and at the same time solve the need for funding the public services they use.

The program immediately puts in place:

  • A mandated employer-paid, affordable Public Service Tax on current undocumented workers
  • A renewable 10-year Homeland Security Work Permit which documents and grants unique privileges to the immigrant worker
  • A revenue stream worth billions of dollars that will provide medical care and educational needs in areas most affected by undocumented immigrants.