Immigrant Families Washington D.C. Immigration March

No tax is better than a bad tax but there is nothing more valuable and more effective than an elegant tax.

An elegant tax directly improves specific conditions.  Using a tax on fuel consumption to rebuild our roads and bridges or using taxes or issued bonds for island homeowners to build a bridge across water to reach schools and the rest of the world on the other end is a targeted, efficient tax.

Currently bad taxes plague our immigrant tax system. The Nanny tax affecting domestic workers, for instance, is often ignored and somewhat irrelevant in many respects—it should not be the tool used to reform immigration.  Undocumented immigrants submit fraudulent tax returns that reduce our Social Security and Medicare funds in excess of $4.2 billion every year using the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) system.  Now is the time for its elimination.

We need to replace these inefficient taxes with a more direct and appropriate tax that provides the funding required for the public services they use and for the negative effects these ineffective taxes have on society.

Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) developed a transitional model for simple solutions to immigration reform:

  • It implements methods that can create 100,000 jobs and generate $103.125 billion over a 10-year period from undocumented immigrants in exchange for the benefits of the 10-year renewable Special Work Permit.
  • It allows us to more closely observe and get to know the individual who may want to apply for citizenship in the future.

The Immigration Reform model is a 10-year renewable plan that addresses and resolves the predicament generated by the desire to preserve the value of our undocumented workers while at the same time provide funding the public services they use.

Immediately establishes solutions:

  • A mandated 5 – 10 percent Public Service Tax on undocumented workers
  • A renewable 10-year Special Work Permit which documents and grants unique privileges to immigrant workers
  • A revenue stream worth billions of dollars that will provide medical care and contribute funds for educational needs and other areas most affected by undocumented immigrants